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Do Germany fans regard England as a proper rival?

Yahoo Sports: While some English newspapers have predictably trotted out stale war metaphors for England’s upcoming clash with Germany in the round of 16 on Sunday, the match will more likely prove a memorable encounter for a younger generation of England fans, many of whom would sooner root for Germany than sing "two World Wars, one World Cup."

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-Mezzo-4989d ago

Well, it would be stupid of them not too, England sure is performing badly at the moment but they are a very good team.

FootballZilla4988d ago

I knew England was going to get beat. ;)

-Mezzo-4988d ago

Seriously i thought they would do much better then they did, 4-1 i mean come-on.

MechaGear4988d ago

Always did, always will.

polarbear4988d ago

Though it ended 4-1, I don't think they'd consider them as a very serious opponent with the performance they had so far this Cup

SactoGamer4988d ago

If nothing else, I can see England seeing them as a vengance rival after that 4-1 loss.

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