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Argentina 3-1 Mexico: Highlights WC 2010 - 1/8 Final

1-0 Tevez 26'
2-0 Higuain 32'
3-0 Tevez 52'
3-1 Hernandez 71'

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donb3159d ago

The second bad judgment of a referee today. But the second goal is fair. Maradona, Messi and Argentina to become world champions!

MechaGear3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

You're not in the final yet.
Maradona sure is Argentinia's factotum but Messi hasn't scored at all until now.

sokrates3159d ago

Only one team can be champions. And thats not Argentina. Brasil stands in their way:) Hate to see Argentina gets a new goal not deserved in an important WC match. Its the only way they can win. Last time in 86- with the hand of god.

megacardo3159d ago

Spain is on fire. I guess they will take the trophee home!

sokrates3159d ago

LOL. Spain has no chances. David Villa cant do it all alone. Spain has simply no chances. They have been poor in this tournament... Torres is playing like a 10 year old kid.

FootballZilla3159d ago

Spain - Brazil - Aregentina all class teams but dont forget about Germany Holland and Portugal ;)

The Hunter3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

No body said Holland, but they have the most chance to reach the final! Only brasil in the quarter-final, but brasil have a old team.. Then u have Uruguay or Ghana in the semi's.. But first today against Slovakia :)

Ampomah3159d ago

Superb strike by Tervez. Absolute stunner.

-Mezzo-3159d ago

I loved the goals by Tevez.

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