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FIFA To Investigate Jabulani World Cup Ball

FIFA have admitted that they will be looking into complaints made about the infamous Jabulani World Cup ball.

The controversial ball has been criticised by several players for its unpredictable flight including England number one David James.

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-Mezzo-4990d ago

Well no one would know better than the Players using it, so it's a good call by FIFA to investigate.

narmonteto4990d ago

Oh come on the ball is getting too much attention, the ball was revealed a few months ago and only when the tournament started players started to complain

SelecaoSupporter4989d ago

It seems weird to have gone to such a radically different ball and not giving the people more time to adjust to the ball. This ball honestly seems like it's got more bend and more control if you don't hit it as hard. So those guys firing off rockets can't put the ball in the back of the net like they want.

RED_HEAD_RYAN4989d ago

I don't get why teams complain so much about it. I heard adidas was giving them to teams who wanted to practice with them months before the tournament.