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World Cup Doesn't Need Replay; It Needs Fairplay

NPR: With the World Cup's Round of 16 under way, a rash of bungled calls — and the near-disastrous effect they had on the U.S. team — has Americans fuming. Disallowed goals and "mystery fouls" are now the norm. And referees have come to resemble Sphinxes — quiet, powerful and full of riddles.

Another example came in Sunday's Germany-England match, when officials missed noticing that Frank Lampard's shot had entered Germany's goal for a potential equalizer in the first half.

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-Mezzo-5045d ago

I really agree with the Article, it needs wayyyyyy more Fairplay than Replay.

SelecaoSupporter5044d ago

I don't know why all these sports think that packing a field with 10+ players and only having 3 people watch over them all somehow works.

Basketball, football, soccer. You know the only sport that has more refs on the field than players? Tennis! Tennis is the only sport that's taken the steps necessary to ensure that it gets the maximum number of calls correct, and all other sports are lagging behind.

Put another ref on the field, the court, the ice. We're tired of the refs ruining every single sporting event.

simplydanny5044d ago

it definately needs instant replay and goaline technology

nasa375043d ago

Those referees totally messed up USA`s world cup, they need some technology