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What Kind Of Soccer Fan Are You?

NPR: A professor shattered the illusion of individuality in one brutally efficient pronouncement. He’d been talking about literary critic William Empson’s book Seven Types of Ambiguity, and at the end of class he said, “There are only seven types of people, too,” before gathering up his papers and books and heading out the door.

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-Mezzo-5043d ago

I am all types, a true Football fan.

captferny905043d ago

My opinion its those soccer players who do really do well enough to play soccer who doesn't get any cards or faults against other players.

My fan of soccer 1# is Mexico, thet don't have bad in conduct much, i cheer for them but i don't recommend when starts starts to faded or dis-control the ball to shoot the net.

SelecaoSupporter5043d ago

I'm a blend of the Real Deal and the Hermit. I don't go out to watch WC games here, because they start at 7am. Even the late games begin at 11:30am, which is still "You might have a problem if..." territory for alcohol consumption.

Honestly, I have more fun rooting against teams in the early rounds of the WC, and seeing their 4 years of hard work go down the tubes. It's so much more enjoyable imagining a team of disappointed supporters bawling in their beer, while some fans of the underdog dance in the city square.

Unfortunately, once the knockout stage begins, those underdogs usually die out. :(