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World Cup 2010: Five reasons why England were embarrassed by Germany

Guardian: A false sense of superiority and a disorganised defence, plus a horrible decision by the officials, gave England an afternoon to forget.

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-Mezzo-4989d ago

Well, Germany was clearly the better Team today, but i firmly believe that if England's second had been given, we could have seem a different result.

But Germany played marvelously.

Rowland4989d ago

The most disturbing aspect of this sorry mess is that the manager & players are all making excuses and can't seem to see the factual reality that the selection, formation & tactical choices had spectacularly failed during the group stage..
how the coaching staff thought that they could suddenly seriously compete in the knockout stages without addressing these blatant failings is beyond belief.

The performance against a poor Slovenia side was better than the all time low of Algeria but still way short of what it should have been. A performance on a par with the qualifying games against Croatia for instance would have resulted in a comfortable 3 - 5 goal winning margin. Every quality from the extremely successful 2 year qualifying campaign evaporated completely - why ?

The Germany score accurately reflects the gulf in class, style, imagination, fitness and basic tactics - the disallowed goal cannot disguise this and England could have been beaten by a much wider margin. The players & coaches only have to listen to or read Joachim Lowes simple tactical plan - a no brainer for everyone except the England coaches & players - and why Capello (or the players) didn't correct the glaring tactical and formation failure during the game is incomprehensible - if millions of amateurs can see it clearly, how on earth do England not ?

After France, England were the second worst team in the tournament. No creativity, flair, imagination or energy. Dull to watch for the neutral, embarrassing & exasperating for England fans.

Where on earth do England go from here ?

fralne4989d ago

germany is always the better team

SelecaoSupporter4989d ago

Honestly, aside from the defense, and Wayne Rooney, England weren't that bad. Rooney couldn't do anything with the ball, but if Lampard's goal is counted, and that third that just hit the woodwork goes in, we'd be hearing about how Germany's plan of going with youth was foolishness.

polarbear4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

Germany was obviously the better team and England was not prepared to go up against opponents of their level

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