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England vs Germany referee smiles when asked about Frank Lampard's disallowed goal

The Uruguayan referee blamed for the "goal that never was" in the World Cup clash between England and Germany smiled but offered no comment today when a plucky Fifa volunteer asked if he knew Frank Lampard's shot crossed the line.

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SelecaoSupporter4989d ago

Ergh. Why can't these jerks just admit they blew a call?

simplydanny4989d ago

the goal line techniology has to be introduced as soon as possible to prevent further occurances,

Minimox164988d ago

all the technology of the "futbol" has change (ball, Uniforms, Grass, etc.) but this one remain primitive but this one don't WTF? why then had so many cameras in the field if you can't used for the best thing!!??
I agreed to introduce the replay in games.!

skynidas4988d ago

Not only the goal line technology, also the videos for offsides.

polarbear4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

Things like this are really why we need some way to better watch the goals

RED_HEAD_RYAN4988d ago

I think they should have another referee behind each goal, to not only watch occurances like this, but to watch corner kicks as well.

TheStonedSheep4988d ago

What people seem to miss is the fact it probably wouldn't have made a difference, England would have lost 2 - 4.