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How to Train a World Cup Referee

Smithsonian Mag: The ball is lighter, the players are faster, the tactics are more complex. And if you’re a referee working the 2010 World Cup and you can’t keep up and be in the right position, you may blow the call, outraging the hundreds of millions of fans watching worldwide.

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-Mezzo-5101d ago

lol, i think Referee are messing up in this World Cup more than usual.

DMason5100d ago

I thought they drafted the refs from Schools for the Blind or even off the street. After all of the insanely bad calls of seen this year, FIFA has obviously picked the wrong refs.

This sport is becoming a disgrace. Rotten refs, crybaby players, diving theatrics. This is more like watching a play than a sport.

fralne5100d ago

must be hard to be referee

nasa375100d ago

It isnt about how the players play, it is now about what the call is by the referee.