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FIFA ignoring mistakes, writing sickeningly glossed history

Yahoo Sports: Anger, fear and paranoia abound as the blatantly horrible referee mistakes pile up like the massive amounts of cash being generated by the 2010 World Cup. The two most recent incidents -- Frank Lampard's disregarded goal against Germany and Carlos Tevez's miles offside opening score against Mexico -- were so bad that they go beyond mere errors in judgment and have some considering more sinister puppeteering at work.

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SelecaoSupporter5073d ago

This news, in addition to the announcement that FIFA was upset, not at the fact that an obvious call was missed, but that THEY SHOWED REPLAYS of the missed call, shows to me that FIFA clearly has its head up its own ass.

The boys over at FIFA are enamored with their own mystique now, and need to stop believing their own PR. If they don't clean the game up soon, the World Cup's going to start losing its fans.

polarbear5072d ago

Something really needs to be done about Fifa, this is just getting rediculous