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Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson's five biggest challenges

Hodgson is a humble man, a manager who speaks six languages and one whose life experiences in countries as diverse the United Arab Emirates, Italy and Finland have developed his character.Even though he was in the country where he managed the national team, he thought nothing of mingling with the locals and, once in the market, chatted in English, French and German with the locals.
It gave a rare insight into a man who understands life as much as he understands the game and his achievements at Fulham are remarkable if put into context. And for those who criticise his previous time in England, at Blackburn, should take note that in his first season he took the club to sixth and a place in the Uefa Cup.
He left after just 18 months to develop his career and, upon his return, not only saved Fulham from relegation on the final day of the season but then proceeded in taking them to seventh in the Premier League.

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