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10 Best German Performances in Cup History

Germany is one of the most successful nations to play in the World Cup. They are third in most World Cup titles (three), and have the most top three finishes of any nation (10).

Germany’s past involved much political tension, turmoil, and unrest, which also spilled over into the soccer world.

They were banned by FIFA after the Second World War until the 1954 World Cup. From then through 1990, they were a split nation, with Germany’s statistics being carried over by West Germany.

Still, the nation persevered on the field.

There are a number of legends and FIFA 100 players that represented the nation at the World Cup. And the team consistently competes for the sport’s biggest prize.

Even in years where the team isn’t particularly strong, they still compete for top four finishes.

As the 2010 World Cup nears, the Germans will be participating in their 15th straight World Cup, the most of any European team.

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FootballZilla5038d ago

Germnay are allways going to be on of the best teams of football.

polarbear5037d ago

Germany has always maintained itself as one of the top European teams