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Wayne Rooney voted ugliest footballer in the world

Yahoo Sports: The aesthetically elitist site recently surveyed 200,000 of its users to discover which footballers were the best looking, and the results were unsurprising: Fernando Torres, David Villa and Cristiano Ronaldo all ranked highly, but the handsomest of them all was deemed to be 36-year-old Fabio Cannavaro.

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putchukoy5120d ago

lol, i think there are others who are worse than him. But this made me Gasp and laugh at the same time!

Pacman3215120d ago

Yes he isn't fantastic looking, but he is one of the best strikers in the world, who cares what he looks like.

rDrkja5120d ago (Edited 5120d ago )

I mean even Frank Ribery finished higher (according to the article)..
Wow.. just wow.

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