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2010 World Cup Final: 10 Things to Look Out for in Spain vs. Netherlands

Sunday's FIFA World Cup final has been almost a month in the making, and now there are just two teams left.

Spain vs. Netherlands. La Roja vs. Oranje.

There are many story lines that will come into play. Vuvuzelas will be blown. Watch parties will take place around the world.

European bragging rights will prevail.

Here are 10 things to look out for during the final in Soccer City, Johannesburg.

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karim4891d ago

I'm looking for the winner :P

EatSleepPlay4890d ago

I'm guessing if villa will score a hat-trick

karim4890d ago

Your imagination is taking you far....Netherlands has a solid defense

-Mezzo-4890d ago

I think Spain will take it, but then again i could be wrong.

putchukoy4890d ago

The number 1 thing to look out for is the Winning Goal of Spain!!