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Michael Ballack: The Nearly Man of German Football

For the second World Cup in a row, Germany have come up short and been knocked out in the semifinals.

The pain of coming so close will be keenly felt by this young squad, but for one man watching on the sidelines the bitter taste of defeat is all too familiar.

For advice on how to get over such a disappointment, many of Germany's youngsters would do well to talk to Michael Ballack, who was forced out of the tournament through injury.

It is the latest in a long line of disappointments he has had to endure throughout his career.

Hardly ever has the term "so near and yet so far" befitted a player so well.

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karim4376d ago

Michael Ballack => the most under-rated star in the world

EatSleepPlay4376d ago

he is under-rated...the people who call him a loser..and an over-rated player knows nothing about football

karim4376d ago

People think he's shit coz he doesn't score...He's a Defensive Midfielder

EatSleepPlay4376d ago

So you'r lebaneese coz i just looked at the illegal broadcasting and saw you're glad that there are other lebaneese in this site :D

karim4376d ago

Lebaneese are welcome in this site :P btw nice username and You're OFF-TOPIC :(

putchukoy4375d ago

it's not all about shooting. defense is also a key, that's why he is great

karim4375d ago

People think football is all about attacking and defense is Stupid :S

putchukoy4374d ago

most sports, they all think its all about the attacking part..they don't know how valuable defense is