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Lebanese restaurants, cafes air Word Cup games illegally

BEIRUT: The 2010 World Cup comes to a close this weekend, with referees having handed out almost 250 yellow cards over the course of the tournament in South Africa.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s restaurants and cafes have received half that number of yellow card “warnings” from Al-Jazeera Sports, the region’s exclusive broadcaster of the World Cup, according to a station official, for airing the games illegally.

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EatSleepPlay5123d ago

WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm lebaneese and live in lebanon and i go to restaurants and cafe...they air it legally...but there could be some cafe...for ADULTS my friend knows :( anyway NOT ALL LEBANON broadcast the world cup illegally they are few and by meaning few I Mean A LITTLE....Coz the headline can confuse you

karim5123d ago

I'm lebaneese and i go to a lot of restaurants and cafes to watch the world cup and they have been broadcasting it legally...but it could be some few dumbasses who are doing this :S

-Mezzo-5123d ago

You're Lebanese, didn't knew that 75% of my friends from College are Lebanese.

karim5123d ago

you should your friends better :P

-Mezzo-5122d ago

lol, i will, from here on forward.

putchukoy5122d ago

well, that is how the world cup shows that it is super loved! people will do anything to watch the world cup!

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The story is too old to be commented.