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Psychic octopus Paul predicts Spain to beat Holland in World Cup final

The octopus said to have 'psychic powers' after predicting all of Germany's six World Cup games correctly, has had his say regarding the final in Johannesburg on Sunday – and it is good news for Spain. The two-year-old cephalopod, called Paul and based at the Sea Life Aquarium in the western German city of Oberhausen, decided that Spain would win the final by going for the mussel in the box with a Spanish flag rather than the one with a Dutch flag on it.

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karim5122d ago

I hope he will be wrong

EatSleepPlay5122d ago

Thank you for making my day even...worse :(
*Rolling On Floor Crying*

EatSleepPlay5122d ago

Every Dutch Fan And Spain Hater Will have Nightmanres After reading the news ! :P Including me

RedDevils5121d ago

I'm a Dutch and also a Spain hater xd

Danteh5121d ago

suckers spain is gonna rape Holland hahaha :D


RedDevils5121d ago (Edited 5121d ago )

you just shit scoring 1 goal in the whole tournament lucky bastard, most of match spain involve is pretty boring, Germany play a better entertaining football than the so call Spain football, btw I'm Dutch and don't like the way we play this world cup either same with brazil boring defensive football.

Oh yeah about raping you need to score at least 3 goals to say that, with spain I don't see the that will ever happen, just look Germany they been raping England and Argetina, can spain do that guess not, but probably other way around

The Hunter5122d ago

2 years ago with the final, he predict it also wrong! He said that Germany won! Holland will win sunday ;)

karim5122d ago

thank you heart died a little when i saw the article but now you have reassured me :) and i think you have reassured EatSleepPlay

EatSleepPlay5122d ago

I heard that in Euro 2008...he predicted that Germany will beat it true ?

karim5122d ago

Yes,it is true look at the hunter's comment...hope he will be wrong again :)

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The story is too old to be commented.