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Manchester United embarrassed "Mls All Stars" Full Time Highlights

Manchester United won 5-2 the game against the MLS All-Stars, led by Bruce Arena.
The English super power has proved much too strong for Bruce Arena’s boys, that lost the game by 3 goals, but still managed to score twice.

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FootballZilla4873d ago

Poor Mls lol "All Stars" hahaha go demolished by Man United "B Team" lol

kulka4873d ago

they have no players they are amatour organisation comparing to England

FootballZilla4873d ago

There growing but compared to europe major leagues they will get destroyed

kulka4872d ago

it would be nice to see soccer as a main sport in the us but realisticly dont think it is possible they would have to win the world cup or somethink

FootballZilla4872d ago

But if it gets number one they will have the best national team and best league because there such a big country.

kulka4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

don t agree there is plenty of big countries where soccer dominates yet they are not the best teams for example China or Russia they would be a good team more competition would be welcome

Cyorg4872d ago

Well, I don't think the MLS allstars are completely incapable of winning. They did beat Chelsea a few years ago. They also had a strange lineup. For some reason, Donovan didn't come into the game until they were down 4-1. I'm not saying MLS would've won with him in the game from the start, but I think it would have been less embarrassing. He's the best crosser in the league, and it shows, he leads the league in assists.