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Robinho desperate for Santos stay as Manchester City await Brazil striker's return in August

Robinho is set for another clash with Manchester City after begging to stay on loan at Santos.
City's record signing is due back at Eastlands in mid-August after being cleared by the club to play for Brazil in a friendly against the US on August 10.

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FootballZilla4441d ago

Why would he want to stay there

kulka4441d ago

he is a hero over there and he enjoys himself there he does not want to play for city let him leave

FootballZilla4441d ago

Disagree he wants to play but city hardly play him which is stupid because his an excellent player and he his scared that he wont do as good here.

kulka4441d ago

possibly but if they paid over 30 mln for him they should play him or let him leave he is on excellent talent they should allow him to continue building his carreer

moha104441d ago

He`s from another country with a totally different culture and climate. It`s nothing to do about City, but he don`t want to go back to England, but staying in Brazil were he can live like he wants to live; Play football, play some footvolley on the beach, speak his language and so on.....and he plays much better football when he enjoy his totally way of living.

Hopefully he staying i Santos.