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Donovan price just not right for Everton

LIVERPOOL, England (AFP) - Everton manager David Moyes admitted on Sunday that US star Landon Donovan would probably prove too expensive to bring back for a second spell on loan at Goodison Park.

Donovan spent three months with the Premier League club at the beginning of the year and the 28-year-old hinted recently he would welcome a return.

But the Merseysiders' tight financial circumstances look certain to doom any move.

"We'd love to have Landon but he looks too expensive for us and we just don't have it," Moyes told

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sokrates5040d ago

How much are they asking for Mr. Donovan? From my point of view, he is one of the greatest strikers we have. Would love to se him play in the PL. For some reason players from the US are supposed to be cheap... Even when they show the world that they hold an high international level in the WC. So, how much do they want?

BjornarO5040d ago

I have been searching the internet. Cant find out how much they are asking.

Cyorg5039d ago

They said about 16 million $ to buy out his contract.

donb5040d ago

In general, The major league doesnt hold as high level as the best europeen leagues: England, Spain and Italy. If Donovan makes a lot of goals in the US, doesnt meen he will succeed in England. Thats why I think spending to much on him might be a gamble. But, I didnt find out how much they are asking.