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Kenny to splash the cash

CHINESE businessman Kenny Huang has pledged to invest heavily in Liverpool should his ownership bid succeed.

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kulka4953d ago

this is a good move we can now buy few players and compete finacialy with other top clubs

sokrates4953d ago (Edited 4953d ago )

I admit, Money is a good start for Liverpool. But, the club needs more than money to rebuild a new winning team. First of all they need loyal players, who wants to bleed for the club. Gerrard and Torres have to make it sure for evrybody that they want to stay in the club for years, and not start crying in december and let the roomers about a move grove. It takes time to build a team, and the club culture maid by the players needs to be good a stable to make it. Gerrard and Torres destroys it!

kulka4953d ago

agree but once they win somethink they will want to stay