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P.Morgan:Man Utd won't make the top four and Rooney's aura of invincibility will be shattered

Wayne Rooney will score 10 fewer goals than last season. The reason? Premier League defenders will have watched his dismal displays in the World Cup and suddenly realised he is not as unstoppable as they thought.

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EatSleepPlay3730d ago

Well The A.Cole Made me laugh a lot

karim3730d ago

I liked the mohamad el fayed joke

guigsy3730d ago

Is he on smack or something? Oh wait its Piers Morgan, full time twat. What the fuck does he know about football? Maybe Cheryl Cole gives him advice.

sokrates3729d ago

Only the source dayli mal is able to write something as stupid as this. He might score fewer, but the reasons are so stupid that it makes me laugh.