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Top 10 Transfer Sagas

In tribute to Cesc Fabregas and the avalanche of news stories on his on/off move to Barcelona we recall 10 of the best sagas which dominated the headlines.

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FootballZilla4435d ago

Ronaldo to Madrid was the most talked one.

sokrates4435d ago

The Mikel story was a big thing, but the clubs- both United and Chelsea worked hard to keep it quiet. The bad guy in this Novel was a Norwegian, at the time in the administration of LYN, not the Nigerians as evrybody presumed. He had made false signatures.

karim4435d ago

Never knew about the john obi mikel

Maradona4435d ago

They made a book about his story. He is only one of the lucky ones that have success in football. Most of them end their lives on the street.