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Barcelona Agree Deal With Liverpool For Javier Mascherano - Report

Spanish giants Barcelona are set to land Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano, after striking a deal with the Reds, according to reports.

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FootballZilla4435d ago

I think is overeated so liverpool did good to sell him but WTF 15mill Euros is that it and Hleb

moha104435d ago

Not good for Liverpool. The new midfielder Poulsen is good but not the quality Mascherano has:-( Last year they sold Alonso, now it`s Mascherano...I don`t like it.....

FootballZilla4435d ago

And the price is ridiculous only 15m euros.

moha104435d ago

That have to be of the best midfielder in the world; 15m euro, no way!

RedDevils4435d ago

have buying power or something they seem to be buying a good player for cheap

sokrates4435d ago

Liverpool is history. Seems like the rats are running of a sinking ship. Something needs to be done to save this team from falling apart.

zico4435d ago

Sokrates must be a stupid ManU fan who don`t know anything about football. L`pool is winning the league this year, with or without Mascherano!

freeduck4435d ago

Sell him, LFC is saturated with midfielders, but only at a good price. 25 million I say