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Juventus Can't Win The Scudetto This Year, But Milan Can - Giorgio Chiellini

Giorgio Chiellini has tipped Milan to win the Scudetto as he plays down Juventus hopes.

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sokrates5047d ago

Says who? They have more than fair chances! I guess its gonna be a close race: Juve, Inter or AC Milan.

kulka5047d ago (Edited 5047d ago )

It gonna be exciting Milan with Ibrahimovic Pato and Robinho have the best striking force while Inter has Sneijder ans Maicon it will be very close

zico5047d ago

Sokrates, you played good in the 80s, special with Zico in world cup 82 and 86. But I think you now have smoked to much cigarettes. Juventus don`t have a change against the two Milano giants. Juventus have a great goalkeeper (Buffon), but rest of the squad are average players in Italia (despite Del Piero; I like him).

Milan and Inter has class players in every possession.

AC Milan with Zambrotta,Nesta, Gatusso, Pirlo, Ronaldinhio, Boateng, Inzagi, and the Zlatan

Inter with Cesar,Zanetti, Lucio, Materazzi, Sneijder,Eto and Milito!

I think AC Milan this year!