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Reina & Torres Set To Leave Liverpool As Hicks Plots £280 Million Buyout Of Gillett’s Shares

The power struggle at Liverpool is set to account for Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres, a report claims.

In a move that will certainly add to the despair among Liverpool fans, Tom Hicks is set to gain sole control of the Anfield club and thus delay its sale by two more years, possibly triggering the departures of key players Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres.

Despite Liverpool fans’ contempt towards him, Tom Hicks is on the verge of striking a £280 million deal with the Blackstone/GSO Group to buy out partner George Gillett, according to a report in The News of the World.

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kulka4965d ago

Just get out we need new owners we need investment to be sucessful again

RedDevils4964d ago

Nice, if torres and Reina out, they will become like a championship team lol

kulka4964d ago

Haha what kind of team would United be without Rooney and Vidic Relegation battle lol