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I Fear We've Seen The Best Of Wayne Rooney For Manchester United And England - Stan Collymore

Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore fears that Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney could have already passed his peak as a player.

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The Hunter4381d ago

Its to bad! But I think the same, he have not the look to be a real star! Thats my opinion..

ad4mb4380d ago

what?, last season he was by far the best player in the prem, but because he has a bad few games hes now not got the look (????) to be a star haha...

vhero4378d ago

I agree with Collymore his personal life might be the reason people use, but before it all came out he just fell apart in the world cup and got miserable and that's why he went to call girls. As for his best season that's his point when he said he hit his peak read it properly.