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Manchester City to make astonishing £90m bid for Barcelona's Gerard Pique

Roberto Mancini is reported to have made Barcelona defender Gerard Pique his top transfer target for Manchester City, and is set to launch a staggering £90 million bid for the player.

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karim4387d ago

Another STUPID RUMOR ! £90M You can Buy 3 World Class Defenders of the same level

kulka4386d ago

agree plus Pique is one of the weakest points in Barca line up

RedDevils4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

what are you smoking, Pique is the "weakest point" lol, he is one of the world best defender out there

karim4386d ago

I know you'l get disagrees but you are 100 % right PIQUE must be considered a striker he plays in the opposition's half more than his he is a great defender but when you play a team like man city who depends on counter-attacks it will prove very costly (like what happened to a.cole against them) so your point is 100% correct

kulka4386d ago

haha Im not smoking anythink lol he is only like 23 he can become great but he cant even be compared to the likes of Vidic or Lucio and remember he could not even get to the United reserve team

karim4386d ago

imo united were 2 dumb 2 sell him ;) Pique Is great but just like i said above he attack more than he can defend and against some teams that's a BIG MISTAKE

vhero4386d ago

They didn't have a choice about selling him he forced his way out. He wasn't gonna sign a new contract and they didn't wanna lose money on him. It was a mutual agreement and he left on good terms. As for this I think the media are linking any player to City right now for silly money because hell they can. The truth is nobody knows who City need not even Mancini until at least January..

kulka4386d ago

agree But when you are playing for a team which attacks with 7 or 8 players then somebody needs to be back covering Pique does not do that so Barca are constantly under threat like against Inter last year

Clueless4386d ago

LOL this is the funniest rumor ever just because MAN CITY spend big they do some stupid rumors and tbh i am starting to lose my respect to they're starting to make stupid rumors Pique is worth 25-30M max

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