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EPL Review: Chelsea Will Win the League By Double Digits and Other Predictions

With international break upon us, we have some time to sit back and review the early weeks of what has proven to be an unpredictable season.

The top of the table has more or less followed preseason predictions with City, United, and Arsenal nipping at the heels of front-runner Chelsea. Missing, however, is Liverpool who don't even find themselves in the top half.

Other surprises include newly promoted West Brom., Blackpool, and Newcastle making names for themselves while Everton and Birmingham have not been able to replicate last year's strong form.

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karim4444d ago

Man Utd Finishing 5th ? i don't think so they'l regain their form and finish 2nd...City 3rd and Arse-nal 4th :D

moha104443d ago

I saw Spurs against Aston Villa this weekend, and I think they are going to fight about the 3rd og 4th place. They have a good team now and play really good attacing football.

karim4443d ago

If they continue their current form they might be even able to finish 2nd *depend on other team performances* + they don't miss defoe

EatSleepPlay4443d ago

1st Chelsea
2nd Man City (You saw it right)
3rd Arsenal
4th Man Utd Or tottenham