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Cristiano Ronaldo Is Number One, Lionel Messi Number Two - Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has been fielding questions as to who he regards to be the best player in the World, and he unequivocally selected his very own Cristiano Ronaldo as number one.

The Portuguese boss was interviewed by Telemadrid regarding the development of his project at the Santiago Bernabeu, and his opinion on who the superior player between Ronaldo and Barcelona rival Lionel Messi is.

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karim4371d ago

If he was Barcelona's Manager He would say messi is n=1 and cristiano n=2

kulka4371d ago

he would say Messi n=1 Xavi n=2 Iniesta n=3

karim4371d ago

At Chelsea He Said Drogba N=2,Lampard N=1 and Terry N=3 He always says that when he changes club...remember @ Inter Sneijder and milito the best in the world he said

FootballZilla4371d ago

Yup agree but he isnt so he said Ron.

Clueless4371d ago

Messi Is N=1 In the world and maybe the all-time best but i bet if drogba was younger he would be second best :)

karim4371d ago

I thought da same thing

EatSleepPlay4371d ago

Messi Is N=1 and will always stay n=1

karim4371d ago

Messi is currently the best in the whole world but you'l never know if a young footballer and steal the show ;)

RedDevils4370d ago

some Brazilian youngster will just immerse, Like Luis Ronaldo

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