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NESV announce final deal for Liverpool FC

"John W Henry has been confirmed as Liverpool's new owner having finally secured the £300 million takeover of the club."

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moha103518d ago

good. Now is the first "job" done. The next is to bring the club back where it belongs. Top in England and top in Europe!

vhero3517d ago

With this owner?? If he manages to do it, it will be a while as although he does have money he isn't a billionaire and the fact he has the red sox to fund to means he can't pump limitless amounts of cash into the club. At least they are stable for now. I think we learned though American owners in the premiership don't work and I honestly think this one will be no differn't. Everybody though Gillett and Hicks were gonna be great for the club and bring great things. They too promised a new stadium and funds for players.

kulka3517d ago

for that we will have to wait and see but they have expierence in charge of big clubs money is not everything we just need like 4 good players cost maybe like 60 milion plus build the new stadium and the profit will come itself

zico3518d ago

Now they need new stadion, money to buy some GOOD players (stars).
The fans all over the world deserve a team who win titles

zico3518d ago

...and goodbye to Hicks and Gillett and all­ their lies and what they have done to the club....

FootballZilla3518d ago

Lets see if liverpool comeback

kulka3517d ago

They will come back they deserve it owners are very good expirenced and we will slowly redevelpe the club time to bring some silverware home