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Goal:Player Ratings: Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea's Danny Hart Rates The Players Of Todays Aston Villa Vs Chelsea Game

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karim4429d ago

Anelka Sould have scored :(

EatSleepPlay4429d ago

I Thought That Aston Villa Player Would Score in the end

moha104429d ago

Agree, he will not sleep good tonight...You don`t get bigger change than he got....

karim4429d ago

only one night ! but misses like yakubu and robben will haunt them forever

FootballZilla4429d ago

And Man City are getting closer if they win tomoro

karim4429d ago

tbh i thought it was a goal !

FootballZilla4429d ago

I think i could of scored that goal, from anelka.

karim4429d ago

Really ? No YOU CAN'T it was a really complicated cross and anelka was extremely surprised :(

FootballZilla4429d ago

Aston Villa did play good aswell though

kulka4429d ago

Chelsea losing points good news for United they also drew yesterday

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