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Fernando Torres looks worse with every game

Hodgson has been in football long enough to know that he will carry the can for everything that has gone wrong with Liverpool’s start to the season.

Lying 19th in the Premier League, that is the nature of the game. The problem, though, runs deeper than that.

Liverpool are paying the price for relying so heavily for so long on two men: Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. For several years, they have turned to them to win games, to get them out of trouble. For years, they produced.

Suddenly, one of the two is proving ineffective.

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sokrates4366d ago

It doesnt only look like he is getting worse, he sure is! To be honest, I hope Torres will start playing well again. But in another club:) At his best he is one of the best strikers in the world.

kulka4366d ago

The whole team is terrible at the moment no confidence but wait till we win few games he be back in no time

FootballZilla4366d ago

After January maybe with a nice defensive mid liverpool will get europa league

zeddy20104366d ago

torres situation is similar to rooneys. both flopped in the world cup and they've come back average players.

kulka4366d ago

similar but Toress does not have that much media attention as Rooney there is something in Toress s head he gets frustrated a lot he may even have a problem with the manager

megacardo4365d ago

It looks like he is bored in Liverpool! It's announced two players in the club that is world class. and you can not win the trophy when it is 2 very good and the rest is like intermediate. He will be in a club where he can win the trophy does not lie in the middle of tabbelen. he did at Atletico Madrid.

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