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Britain’s NOT Got Talent!

COS contributor Adam O’Connell wonders why Premier League managers are so quick to spend over the odds for English talent when bargain’s can be found for a fraction of the price.

Will clubs ever stop looking abroad for talent? Probably not considering the kind of quality they can get at reduced cost.

The recent acquisition of Rafael Van Der Vaart (VDV) for Spurs proves this point. For £8m, Spurs have bagged themselves an absolute bargain. He has shown the ability to influence matches both home and away, providing goals and assists in each game he has played. His control, vision and technique mark him out as world class. This is a player who has played in a World Cup final for Holland and he oozes class from every pore. Madrid’s loss is most definitely Tottenham’s gain.

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BjornarO4366d ago

English footballers are kind of egoistic, they always think they are the best.
But on the other side, it is positive to use young players from their own country. Good for the national team.

kulka4366d ago

England needs some good players for the future plus they got VDV from Madrid players are like three times cheaper England national team would be sorted if they had a player like him

FootballZilla4366d ago

They to focus a bit more on the young academies