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Real Madrid vs. Milan: A Nervy Encounter Awaits the Rossoneri

Tomorrow night Milan will again take the field at the Santiago Bernabeu to face Real Madrid. Last year, against expectations, Milan claimed an historic victory in a classic champions league encounter. This season, Milan fans should not expect so much.

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FootballZilla4875d ago

Mourinho hasnt lost at home for like 8 years and he has played all the best teams in the world

rDrkja4875d ago

Article says:

"Jose Mourinho’s successes are legendary. In just the last eight years he has managed to record three Champions League titles with three different clubs from three different countries."

I remember him winning the Champions League with Porto and recently with Inter.. but what was the third team?

kulka4875d ago

He won it 2 times he managed 3 clubs sure Porto Chelsea and Inter won it with Inter and Porto and got to the semi final at Chelsea but its still a good record

FootballZilla4874d ago

Yup i definatly remember him winning with as i support them it was BEAUTIFULL

kulka4874d ago

He made Porto champions then picked Inter made a team of champions out of a team which was unable to progress further than final 8 in the Champions League without buying too much turned them into champions Mourinho is a miracle man