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Wayne Rooney Could Quit Manchester United By Paying Just £5M Next Summer

Manchester United fear Wayne Rooney could walk out next summer by handing them just £5million.
The striker, who has told bosses he will not extend his current deal beyond the remaining 18 months, could take advantage of the 'Webster' ruling to leave on the cheap.
Sir Alex Ferguson did not acknowledge Rooney when he walked past the player at training this morning.

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karim4432d ago

Whoaa That's A Big Blow For Da United Team

sokrates4432d ago

I agree that It would be a loss for United if they loose Rooney. But I remember you to things:
1)Rooney didnt leave yet
2)Stars are never bigger than the club in United. Stars have been leaving united for a long time, and the club stands as one of the best clubs in europe.

I would be more worried about Chelsea:)

karim4432d ago

3 Reasons Why I disagree with you :
1)SAF Confirmed His Leaving
2)United Is A Debt-ridden Club...SO It's more likely they'll SELL players rather than buy them
3)Chelsea Have a "Billionaire" and "No Debt" + Our Youth System Is Starting To Flourish So i don't think i should worry about them :)