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Barcelona has a very, very rotten egg in the basket

It was Barcelona's keeper - and not a spectator - who fouled FC Copenhagen player Cesar Santin to believe that the referee blew the whistle in Wednesday's Champions League match.

FC Copenhagen coach Staale Solbakken (42) was familiar with the matter on Friday morning, and respond to the Barcelona-keepers behavior - even though he believes the episode did not settle the match:

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sokrates3407d ago

IDIOT! Should be banned for 10 matches. I saw the match, and was wondering what happened when the Danish striker just stopped.

Barca is not served with those kinds of trick- it destroys their reputation. AND, they are good enough to win without cheating!


kulka3407d ago

They are good enough they sholud not need to cheat against these teams it is embarassing but the ref made the decision

Leio3407d ago

ref made what decision ? There were nothing to make on the field.
That goal keeper should have been banned for such ugly actions

karim3407d ago

Pinto you're a disgrace