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Step-By-Step Guide To Nani's Controversial But Legal Winner For Manchester United vs Tottenham

When Manchester United and Tottenham go head-to-head, controversy is a given, and it usually tends to go in favour of Sir Alex Ferguson & Co.

Today was exactly the same, while also being just a little bit different.

With 85 minutes on the clock, Manchester United were up one (perfectly legitimate) goal to nil.

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karim4948d ago

It's Legit But should have been disallowed because the assistant referee raised his flag when nani handballed it !

Shankle4946d ago

Always, always, always play to the whistle.

GJ234946d ago

It really wouldnt have mattered anyway. Man u were up 1 - 0 and were very comfortable in the end. Ref was well within his right to play on. The keeper should be blamed for falling asleep