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Why Can't Milan Beat Real Madrid? We Are Better Than Them - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic insists they can beat Real Madrid, but maintains they have to raise their game to the highest levels to obtain maximum and crucial points.

Milan were less than perfect at the Bernabeu in the last clash. And Ibrahimovic understands they need to turn the tables on Madrid at San Siro.

He eyes a contrasting performance, and, more importantly, a win.

"We have to do everything we didn't do at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid," he told the press.

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GJ234411d ago

I dont think AC milan have the quality to beat Real Madrid. They havent been the same team since Kaka left

Maradona4411d ago

I agree with you. But Milan plays at home and have to be offensive and that suites Real M good.

karim4411d ago

Because they have a CARELESS defense

Leio4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

"We Are Better Than Them" as in "...If we play differently then we can beat them and show that we are stronger than them."

The headline is totally out of context. Poor journalism at its best :/

RedDevils4410d ago

get those little bit where it catch the headline

Maradona4410d ago

Not many realistic headlines. They just rewrite original topic to make interest.

karim4410d ago

yeah is losing its credency

GJ234410d ago

I hate when journalists do this. You think they have a really interesting interview when all it is, is 3 paragraphs of a player stating the obvious

kulka4410d ago

It is not only Goal. com which does it all major papers spread rumours or somethink to sell more