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Video : Aston Villa fan lights up derby with Birmingham with acrobatic header… & gets kicked out

The 0-0 draw between Aston Villa and Birmingham saw some pretty poor fare.

A couple of minutes into the second half Villa fan Kieran Comerford lit up the encounter with an impressive acrobatic header.

Comerford paid for his actions though, he was ejected from the ground for “encroaching on the playing area.”

He correctly pointed out: “My header was probably one of the best bits of the game.”

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karim4945d ago

Just like the fan said : it was the best thing about the game

kulka4945d ago

haha the header was top class excellent finishing Liverpool could sign him as a replacment striker lol

karim4945d ago

Well he can be useful :P

GJ234945d ago

Unluckly. It was a pretty good diving header

karim4945d ago

If that was a goal it would have been a contender for goal of the season

kulka4945d ago

Yup reminds me of Kuyt lol

GJ234945d ago

Do you think he got the usual long ban from the ground?

kulka4944d ago

He did not do anything wrong just passed the ball back to the players he proparly did though

GJ234944d ago

Yeah i know. Security is over the top these days. Getting thrown out by 6 security guards for falling onto the pitch for 5 seconds is just ridiculous

karim4944d ago

No he didn't do anything wrong

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