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Rochdale's Spotland cast as FC United's theatre of FA Cup dreams

Chadwick, the centre-back who captains FC United of Manchester, says he is praying for a clear run up the A58 to Rochdale. At 7.45pm, his team are due to run out at Spotland Stadium for their maiden appearance in the FA Cup.

"I'm working tomorrow with the young lads," he told The Daily Telegraph on Thursday night, "and normally I'd be on duty until 11pm. Even with some help from my manager, I'm going to be rushing to make it to our team meeting."

Sport on television FC United were formed in 2005 as a gesture of disillusionment with the self-satisfied world of Premier League football in general, and the arrival of the Glazer family in particular.

Chadwick can be taken as a walking refutation of those twisted values. If anyone emphasises the widening gulf between everyday football folk and the high-rollers of Old Trafford, he is the man.

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GJ234944d ago

Would love to see them play man united soon lol