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Five Ways Roma Can Beat Lazio

1) No Totti? No Problem

Roma idol Francesco Totti is suspended, but that is no reason for the Giallorossi team or anyone else to believe they will be outplayed. Totti has been a shining light at the Stadio Olimpico for many seasons, but with both Marco Borriello and Mirko Vucinic in good form at the moment, his absence need not be blown out of proportion. Trust in the duo that combine both pace and strength may well pay dividends against the Lazio backline.

2) Muzzle Hernanes & Mauri

Hernanes and Stefano Mauri have been two of the best players in Serie A this season and integral to Lazio's success with goals and assists galore. Allowing the two space in the final third will be a death sentence - the likes of Daniele De Rossi and Simone Perrotta in midfield must be all over them like white on rice and limit their touches on the ball.

3) Ignore The Standings

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sokrates4306d ago

No Totti no Problem. Lazio will win this one. I dont need 5 reasons, just one: They are the better team.

GJ234304d ago

Lazio are playing fantastic football. Roma are struggling. Should be a good game