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Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has told Milan coach Massmiliano Allegri to play Filippo Inzaghi on a regular basis because of the partnership they can forge together up front.

Inzaghi squared up to grandeur against Real Madrid following his double strike in the Champions League.

Ibrahimovic is inspired by the monumental figure of Inzaghi as he produced a bumper harvest against the Spaniards, and he believes he should start for Milan.

"Pippo is incredible," Ibrahimovic told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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sokrates4943d ago

Zlatan says what he feels like, when ever he wants to. Thats why many people hates him. So stupid saying that, knowing you will meet all the Brazilians evry day on the training.

Leio4942d ago (Edited 4942d ago )

What he said was.

"Inzaghi deserves to play more because he is doing well, and when you play well, you should start.

"Plus, I feel more freedom when I play with him, whereas with the Brazilians I am forced to play inside the box more....."

And it all suddenly become "I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians"

Poor journalism from as always :/

kulka4943d ago

Pippo deserves to be starting amazing player

GJ234942d ago

If the Main stiker isn't happy he wont score as much. Milan would be wise to listen to him