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World Football: The 11 Most Successful European Clubs in History

Manuel Traquete Writes : The following is a ranking of the 11 most successful European clubs in history. The criterion is quite simple and couldn't be any more objective: number of (official) trophies won.

To make it a little more selective, clubs who haven't won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League in the past 25 years were excluded, since, as far as I'm concerned, a club who hasn't been successful in the most important European competition for that long doesn't deserve to be considered among the European elite.

This led to the exclusion of such clubs as Celtic (91 trophies), Glasgow Rangers (113), Sporting Lisbon (41), Benfica (64), Steaua Bucharest (50), Levski Sofia (55) and CSKA Sofia (41), who would have otherwise made the list.

Still, I believe it was a fair criterion, which made this ranking more selective and thus adequate.

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karim4217d ago

I hope in 10-15 Years Chelsea will be among them ;)

kulka4217d ago

Two Spanish giants on top just two trophies seperating them

GJ234216d ago

Yeah I can't see barca catching up with madrid in the next few years

kulka4217d ago

yup or Liverpool and United also same number of trophies

ohahCantona4217d ago

same numbers today but United have past L`Pool after this season;-)

GJ234216d ago

Man u should fly past them this season. I can't see Liverpool winning trophies soon tbh

karim4217d ago

United Will beat Liverpool

The Hunter4217d ago

Ajax number 3! Yep that is true! I like that.. :D

karim4217d ago

Yes they have a very rich history

RedDevils4217d ago

Ajax is a big club, it just a pity why they keep selling their key star, I hope one day they be back and start winning again

karim4217d ago

They are still winning and Suarez is still banging goals

GJ234216d ago

They are a fantastic club to watch. They've lacked success in Europe lately though

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