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Chelsea clash will show Liverpool progress

Match of the weekend: Liverpool v Chelsea
The context of this clash at Anfield is very different to those of recent years. Whereas before this was a meeting that went some considerable way to deciding the destination of the title, this season it sees the best team in the country visit a side who would be delighted and relieved to finish fourth.

However, that is what makes this game far more intriguing than many of those that have preceded it.

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kulka4945d ago (Edited 4945d ago )

2-1 to Liverpool Gerrard and Torres to score

moha104945d ago

Hope so! Good luck Kulka.

karim4945d ago

3-1 or 3-0 for chelsea because of your VERY shaky defense

GJ234944d ago

I can see a 2-2. Kuyt and Gerrard for Liverpool, Anelka for Chelsea. I can also see Liverpool finishing with 10 men

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kulka4945d ago

Thank you have some faith we will be back sooner than exspected lets start on Sunday

GJ234944d ago

I can see Liverpool having a good season if they get some points here

karim4945d ago

We're gonna murder them :P

kulka4945d ago

haha if we win I m not gonna let you live lol

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The story is too old to be commented.