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Highlights: Vietnam 2-6 Turkmenistan [Asian Games 10/11/2010]

Watch the full Highlights of this Asian Games match

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kulka4300d ago

Turkmenistan are my favourite team from now on :P

GJ234300d ago

Yup, Have no idea where the country is but respect to them.

no_more_heroes4300d ago

I second that.

here's a challenge for everyone: find Turkmenistan on a map. First to do so gets +1 bubble.

GJ234300d ago

Asian games are already more entertaining than the world cup

kulka4300d ago

lol they provide lots of goals anyway

zico4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

I like better to se Asians own "football-sport" (Sepak Takraw) than Asian footballgames: