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Daniel Levy planning to sell Tottenham to a Middle East or Russian consortium - MP David Lammy

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy wants Spurs to move to the Olympic Stadium so he can sell the club to a Russian or Middle East consortium for a higher price, Tottenham MP David Lammy has told UK.

In an exclusive interview, Lammy claimed that, following two meetings with Levy over the last 48 hours, he is convinced that Spurs’ favoured stadium option is now to leave north London and move to Stratford.

Lammy, who was at a dinner with other parliamentarians and Levy at the Marriott County Hall Hotel in the City on Wednesday night and saw the Spurs chief again in a private meeting at White Hart Lane on Thursday morning, said: “It is Daniel’s intention to sell. That’s what is going around the rumour mill – that Tottenham will be sold to a Russian or Middle East consortium - and has been for some time.

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sokrates4292d ago

Its strange that soon all premier league clubs will be owned by foreign business men. I am not sure if I like it. Football is more than money and outcome- its culture and a big part of huge part of the British population. People thinking of money, like the Glazers, can ruin a club and even worse: the culture wich is a big part of peoples life.