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Five ways Barcelona can make it five in a row against Real Madrid

The methods behind a Barca triumph in El Clasico

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sokrates4283d ago

Only one way: to be the better team. And thats what they are.

no_more_heroes4283d ago

doesn't always mean you get what you deserve.

sokrates4283d ago

Thats true. But I just cant stand thinking of a victory for Mourinho in this one. I just hope he fails in evrythinG!

karim4283d ago

Mourinho NEVER fails in winning a trophy

Fagerborgbk4283d ago

Thats true that Barcelona is a good team but Real has more complete squad this season.
Mourinho runs real with an iron hand, his the best

sokrates4283d ago

yes. Best in destroying the beauty of football. And destroying the meaning of fair play. He is a complete idiot!

Mendieta4283d ago

Sokrates Sokrates!! If you remember for some weeks back Barcelona was playing in the CL when the barca goalkeeper was whistling????

Thats unfair play!

karim4283d ago

Mendieta says the truth ! barca don't have any fair play,Valdes nearly KILLING a player,Pinto whistling and Xavi saying shit about mourinho last year it's all bull****

karim4283d ago

The only way to stop them is...DON'T make any tackles or else ronaldo will score from his epic free-kicks

pwneddemocrat4282d ago

Just like every classico in the past, at the end ronaldo will walk out face down, messi will walk face up.

kulka4282d ago

Barca are my favourites for this game hope creative football will win against anti football