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Video : Wolves Manager Mick McCarthy Gets Frightened By A Ghost

Wolverhampton Wanderers boss Mick McCarthy has been attacked by a Ghost, and not the friendly kind like Casper.

Here’s the proof:

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FootballZilla4375d ago

Lol what did he see hehehehe lol

FootballZilla4375d ago

like the way he turns really quick like woow ...

kulka4375d ago

What the hell is going on first Suarez bites the opposite player now ghost are attacking Mick is this coincidance :P

FootballZilla4375d ago

lol they havent got nothing to with each other lol

FootballZilla4375d ago

haha i bet he felt like a right twat after doing that hahah

karim4374d ago

I thinks he have "The Sixth Sense" that let his dead people LOL