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Highlights: West Ham 1-3 Manchester City English Premier League 11.12.2010

Highlights: West Ham 1-3 Manchester City English Premier League 11.12.2010

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donb4370d ago

City is really hard to predict this season. You never know if they will play excellent or like kids. Today they were great!

zico4370d ago

Man City has played like a top team in the­ last 3-4 weeks. In the start of the season they needed time, but now they­ certainly are in the right direction.

Today they impressed me! They will finish in top 3 this­ season!

sokrates4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

Last 3-4 weeks? I guess you have slept too much, young fellow!

zico4370d ago

Sokrates; Maybe you have smoked too much sigaretts lately (like you did in the 80s). If City plays like they do now, they will end up higher than the other Manchester team! Hope so!

sokrates4370d ago

I agree that they play well at their best. But, you telling me they have been playing excellent for 3-4 weeks just proves that you have missed something- maybe slept- or you just dont know what you are talking about!

no_more_heroes4370d ago

Who will city be cheering for on Monday? The team they're tied with currently, or the team they're ahead of by one point?

Given Man Utd's game in hand against Blackpool, its actually winning on Monday that would put Arsenal top (let's face it, its Blackpool. There's a 94% chance they would've won it anyway)

RedDevils4370d ago

Haha idiot like you talking shit again don't you gotta better thing to say

no_more_heroes4370d ago

don't know which comment you were reading, son. I was saying that we're not actually top, given Man Utd's game in hand, and only winning on monday would put us there. I wasn't saying that we WOULD win. I'm not arrogant like that.