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Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti is at breaking point ahead of Spurs clash

Carlo Ancelotti's relationship with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is said to have broken down irretrievably and the Chelsea manager still expects to depart the club at the end of the season, if not before.

Although Ancelotti spoke with the Russian owner by telephone on Wednesday night after the 1-0 defeat by Marseille and says that he was reassured by the
conversation — claiming he trusts Abramovich and that their relationship remains ‘constant’ — those close to the
Chelsea manager say they fear the bond between the two is irreparably broken.

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karim4368d ago

Roman Abrahamovich already sued the Daily Mail for their false story,now I guess he's gonna shut down the site

no_more_heroes4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

that's the English media for ya. All they care about are hits and headlines. It's a cutthroat business.

no_more_heroes4368d ago

guess you're right. Can't even go to the link anymore lol!

sokrates4367d ago

LOL! He can try... I am pretty sure he is gonna fire him anyway!

karim4367d ago

Yeah right,sacking one of the best managers in the world would make real sense

Maradona4367d ago

Roman cant even talk english...

sokrates4366d ago

But he knows how he fires people. Just ask Mourinho!

Maradona4366d ago

No he does not speak english. Its always his son who talks for him.

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